It’s a tuesday and it’s raining

It’s 11:24 am, and I’m breathing in the fresh air. My three year old son is pushing his long train along the tracks and my 8 month old son is excited to be allowed to look on and hold a piece of the track every now and then.

My name is Stacey and I have started blogging today in an effort to discover what is important in life and what I take pleasure in. We’re all of us exploring the world around us, much like my young boys, with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. Some of us are graced with a natural ability, like my youngest, to get stuck into life and find what gives us joy. He is unafraid of the obstacles ahead – he overcomes them on a regular basis. Others are more like me, and my eldest son. We get overwhelmed, we begin to fear new challenges.

I want to explore the world’s playground. I want to write and sing and breathe in the beautiful things around me.

I hope along the way to meet others learning how to be themselves. To learn to accept grace. To become a little more humble and to embrace that which refreshes us.

I am going to try and post something creative once a week. That might be a scrap of song I am writing (I am learning to use my mother’s guitar, sadly without her guidance) and I am trying to improve, page at a time, an excerpt for a contemporary Christian romance competition that I would like to enter.

I am also beginning to pray contemplatively. I hope that this will be something that nourishes my whole family as I become drawn into the depths of this old practice.

Have a beautiful day, and if you are somewhere where it is raining also, I hope you’ll take the time to open your windows and feel the change and the charge!


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